Our Services

Your Vision. Our Mission.

We are dedicated to providing service with style, and exceeding our clients’ expectations. It is because of our five-star training and management practices that Specialty Staffing has become synonymous with dependable and reliable staffing and service.

Front of House

Maitre D'

Our Maitre D’ ensures a smooth event, acting as the liaison with all working parts for the event – including vendors, clients and timing. From the back of house to front of house, they provide a well-oiled operation, ultimately establishing a beautiful and seamless event.

Staff Captain

Staff Captains lead their teams to a pristine, on-schedule, and well-organized event, and ensure they are provided the tools to succeed – and, of course, adequate breaks!


From specialty cocktails to a simple wine and beer bar, our certified bartenders will ensure high quality drinks along with a fun, safe, and friendly environment.


From restaurants to banquets, our Servers are equipped to excel in any environment. Their attention to detail, care, and quality always shines through.


The first friendly face of an event, our Hosts and Hostesses cultivate a warm and friendly atmosphere for all.


Ensuring clean and organized tables throughout an event, our bussers are swift and attentive to maintain a flawless atmosphere.


The hero of a bartender’s night! Our bar backs ensure a well-stocked bar, as well as maintaining an organized environment at all times.

Coat Attendant

Our Coat Attendants collect and securely store guests’ coats to help free up attendees’ hands and keep the event space clutter-free.

Bath Attendant

Our Bath Attendants maintain and clean the facilities, ensuring that personal hygiene items – including toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and other necessary items – are kept stocked.


Following a pre-designed menu from the Executive Chef, our chefs act as the delegator in a kitchen’s operation and ensure tasty courses are prepared by the hands of our chefs team in their true element.

Sous Chef

The right hand to our chefs, our sous ensure the highest quality of course presentation and taste – all in a timely manner.

Pastry Chef

Our Pastry Chefs are equipped for executing perfectly baked goods in high quantities, throughout any event!

Line Cook

From a restaurant to a banquet setting, our line cooks are prepared for it all! Sautéing, grilling, and following the chef’s recipes are their highest priority.

Prep Cook

From breaking down meat to the finest chiffonade, simply assign the tasks, and our prep cooks will execute!

Kitchen Porter / Utility

The kitchen’s leading force in sanitation, executing a clean and sanitary environment for culinary elite.


Equipped with the ability to transform any room into a clean and organized environment, our housemen are the backbone of any successful event – from organizing the tables, chairs, to laying out the linens.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Ensuring the cleanliness standard of each facility is met, as well as enforcing that tasks are completed in a timely manner.


A guest’s trusted attendant who greets them with a smile while ensuring their luggage is transferred to and from their car/room with the highest level of care.

Laundry Attendant

From sorting, washing, and folding, our attendants ensure clean and sanitized linens with the highest level of comfort in mind.

Housekeeping Attendant

The executor of all things sanitary – in all areas of the facility.

Front Desk

The friendly face all guests deserve to encounter, we take pride in our front desk teams’ level of care in attending to your guests’ needs.


Responsible for the supervision of all parking facilities and valet parking operations to ensure superior service to all patrons and guests of the facility.


Ensures and provides safe handling of guest vehicles – including shuttle dispatch, proper parking, securing, and handling of keys.


Responsible for driving, parking, and retrieving guests’ vehicles to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience upon their arrival and departure.