Excellent Service, and an Even Better Working Environment

Our Mission & Values

Providing dependable, reliable service with style

Exceeding expectations and being known for guaranteed customer satisfaction

Employing trained staff who exhibit professionalism, courtesy, and respect

Embracing diversity

In-House Training

At Specialty Staffing, our in-house training program is our bread and butter – ensuring that every server, chef, housekeeper and valet attendant is properly trained for the job at hand. We take our own comprehensive training manual and customize it to each specific facility we staff, so that we can train our personnel to the specific standards and needs of every job.

Specialty Staffing has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

At Specialty Staffing, we believe in staffing hotels, venues and parties with experienced, well-trained hospitality and labor personnel, and providing fulfilling career opportunities across a range of hospitality departments.

We recognize that we are nothing without our people. Therefore, every employee who works for Specialty Staffing is properly supported and trained and has the opportunity to turn their job into their dream career.

Since our early days, we’ve gone from dabbling in a handful of private events and kosher catering gigs to taking over and running entire sectors of multiple event and hospitality facilities, and staffing large-scale events from front to back of house and beyond. Through it all, we’ve stayed true to our mission: providing excellent service to our clients, and an even better working environment for our staff.

Now, we are continuing to grow – regularly signing on new accounts, and improving upon our own internal operations and systems. At Speciality Staffing, we’re only getting better with age.